About Me

About Me

Originally from Bethesda, MD, I have lived in Seattle since 1992. Since receiving my BFA in photography from The University of Dayton and my MFA in photography from Ohio University, I have worked in many areas of the arts. I worked for 15 years in custom woodworking and the traditional craft of gilding, creating custom picture frames that hang in collections and museums across the northwest and furniture and cabinetry that adorn homes around the country.  Embracing new technologies, I turned my attention to digital media in 1998 starting to photograph digitally in 1999.

By 2003 I was teaching other photographers how to make the inevitable migration to digital. This specialization led me to the University of Washington, where for 15 years I worked in the School of Art. I taught digital imaging workshops, supervised the running and maintenance of the School of Art Computer Center, helped faculty, staff, and students with technology issues, and oversaw the building and maintenance of the School of Art website.

I also have a long history of making music. Playing saxophone and making and playing my own hand percussion instruments. While making things has been my prime directive for 35 years, the last 18 years have kept me busy with my wife Julie and son Skyler (2000) and daughter Shelby(2009). Playgrounds, great movies and music, the zoo, and baseball dominate the daily landscape.

About My Gear

Cameras: Nikon DSLR & Z series & Leica QP

Lenses: Nikon Z 50mm f1.8 / Z 85 f1.2 / Z 14-24mm f2.8 / Z 24-70mm f2.8 / Z 80-200mm f2.8 / F 17-35 f2.8 / F 300 f2.8 / F 400mm f2.8

Gitzo Tripod with Nodal Ninja pano head for panoramas

Capture one – Raw processing

Autopano Giga (extinct)- Panorama Stitching

Pixelmator- Rare emergency raster editing