Phase One: Applied

So one of the great things about Facebook is birthdays and other things worthy of celebration or congratulation. Pretty cool 21st century phenomenon to have your phone buzz all day and you know it’s all good.

That said, those come with pressure, expectations, and the easy possibility for needlessly hurt feelings. (Hello random algorithms & FB off-days)

So rather than rely on the Zuck to prompt me I think the first post of any substance here should be props to the people who make most of what I do meaningful.

Happy Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, etc Julie Fisher! The coolest person I know. I’d do every last minute of the hard times over again to get back here if I had to. The combination of your work ethic, heart, wisdom, and humor have no equal. Speaking of work ethic, if anyone thinks they know how hard Julie works, trust me, they don’t. Up till 3am or up early at 5am, head down and focused with a hundred balls in the air. In the face of all that I don’t know anyone who leaves a more positive wake as they move through life. Even at the end of the hardest days she greets us with a smile that doesn’t feel the least bit forced.

Happy every day Skyler Manelski! As charming and engaging a young man as you’ll ever meet. Besides being everything I could have imagined in a son and more, he’s one of my all time favorite people to hang out with period. He’s eschewed (look it up Sky) virtually all the negativity that being a teen has to offer. On top of that, life has thrown down some real challenges for him but he’s faced (and facing) them head on and come really far. Big awesome things, and some frightened batters, await.

Shelby D my little bee! 🐝 The happiest person I’ve ever known. She can build a spa, cafe, or doggie daycare out of nothing more than a sheet of paper and roll of tape. You could only be so lucky as to be her dog, friend, sibling, or parent.

And big Happy Birthdays to all of you whenever they may be.

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